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    Standard RottenHive MG

    Hello Community!

    We Thank You that we have the opportunity here, to introduce our Server to You.

    My name is Delicious Ace and I am write in order of the RottenHive Team!

    We the RottenHive Gaming Community can offer you, the fans of Rust and DayZ Standalone a place to Play.
    Everyone is Welcome to Join our Community or just to spend his Game Time with us and meet up with other Gamers on our Servers.
    The Team consists of some former Admins who have experience in hosting various Game Servers.
    Our Members are very active in most of the common played Games, like PUBG, CS:GO, Arma3, etc.
    The Admin Team is very experienced, active, helpful and also open to constructive criticism and improvements on the Community or Servers, as long as they are to be implemented well.

    Services we Provide

    We want to give our Visitors a bug-free, balanced and fluid gaming experience
    and secure Servers that you can rely on and where you can spend your Gaming time.
    All Servers are backed by Admins that are very experienced, active, helpful.

    Rust Servers | View More

    ☠ RottenHive ☠ 50X • PVP • KITS • HOME • TRADE •

    You don't have much Time? Maybe you have a lot of Homework to do?
    In any case our x50 Rust Server is just right for you, you'll get the full Rust enjoyment without losing to much time.

    ☠ 75 Slot PVP Server
    ������ Procedual Map 3500 My Rust server's map - Rust:IO
    ������ Over 30 reasonable and useful Plugins
    ������ Wiped Once a week (Thursday)
    ������ No Active Blueprints
    ⚙ No Need Workbench
    ������ Custom Plugins
    ������ Free / Donation Kits
    ������ Restart Times : 00:00 | 06:00 | 12:00 | 18:00 UTC + 01:00

    ☠ RottenHive ☠ 3X • PVP • KITS • HOME • TRADE •

    For all who want to experience a pushed but balanced vanilla feeling we recommend our custom x3 Server.
    This is also our Main Server so all our Mods and Admins will be online here!

    ☠ 75 Slot PVP Rust Server
    ������ Procedual Map 3500 My Rust server's map - Rust:IO
    ������ Over 30 reasonable and useful Plugins
    ������ Wiped Once a Month (Thursday)
    ������ Active Blueprints
    ⚙ Active Workbench
    ������ Custom Plugins
    ������ Free / Donation Kits
    ������ Restart Times : 00:00 | 06:00 | 12:00 | 18:00 UTC + 01:00

    ════════════════ ════════════════ ══════════

    DayZ SA Servers | View More

    ☠ RottenHive ☠ • MODDED • DM/PVP • 1PP • Changing Locations

    You like the adrenalin in PVP fights? Our DM Server offers a variety of Equipment and Weapons aswell as Location changes.

    ☠ DeathMatch Mode
    ������ Changing Locations
    ������ Unlimited Stamina
    ������ Unlimited Food/Drink
    ������ Custom Player Loadout
    ������ Global Chat
    ������ Restart Times : Every 2 Hours UTC + 01:00

    ☠ RottenHive ☠ • MODDED • Crafting+ • Weapons+ • Base+ • Items+

    If you want to experience real survival in DayZ you should join our Server which is
    equipped with the matching mods for a different and realistic Gameplay.

    ������ Summer Chernarus
    ⚙ Custom Server Settings
    ������ High Stamina
    ������ Custom Player Loadout
    ������ Global Chat
    ������ Restart Times : 00:00 | 06:00 | 12:00 | 18:00 UTC + 01:00

    General Gameplay:

    • We have beginner friendly PVP Server, but we play like |men| (ergo adults)
    and there is no softness or mildness.
    • We're not rude or unfair, but we play the game the way it should, HARDCORE Survival PvP Gameplay.
    • Raids, Team building, and commodity trading are definitely part of our deal!
    • Teams and Group Formation but also Lone Wolf come at their expense.
    • No cheating or hacking, through permanent Admin monitoring.
    • We are happy to help with any questions or with trading items,
    but we do not spare anyone on purpose, eye for eye ... Just as the evolutionary right is.
    • Plugins, Mods and our custom Server settings, will bring more Vairity in the Gameplay on our Servers.

    We would be very exited if one or the other share his Game experience or just spend his gameplay time temporarily or mainly with us.
    We are happy about every new players who do not want to play Games as packed in cotton and can stand the PVP challenges like real guys (and not howling like little girls).

    ════════════════ ════════════════ ══════════

    RottenHive on SocialMedia

    Like our page or Follow us on Twitter and you won't miss any News or Changes.
    Watch and share some Informative and Funny Videos about our Community.
    And do not forget to join our Steam Group for exclusive Rust Content!

    Feel free to use our Communication options!
    Our communication Servers are very well Arranged and comprehensively furnished.

    Discord Server with LIVE Chat to Rust Server

    Our Discord Server is always Online and Our Admins are here if you need them,
    you can hang out with your friends or find new people or maybe new enemies
    Either way you won't be alone!

    Teamspeak Server

    Our Teamspeak is especially for those who would like their own channel or maybe just like the feeling of Teamspeak.
    This is also our main way of Communication! If you have Problems of any sorts you'll find Support here!

    Contact us

    Do you have questions? Do you need help?
    Feel free to contact us anytime!
    No matter what questions you have, whether about our servers,
    community, mods or something else, our team is ready to answer all your questions.
    Please note spelling and grammar for a factual processing.
    The Team is also available through Discord, Teamspeak or Steam.

    ������ Email:

    ������ WebSite:

    Join Us And You Will Be Staying Here For Evermore!


    The RottenHive Team

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    Standard AW: RottenHive MG

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    Standard AW: RottenHive MG


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    Standard AW: RottenHive MG

    RottenHive is back!

    After having a lot of problems with our host and not getting better at moving to another, we decided to take a break.
    But now we are back with full strength and would like to invite you to play.

    We hope you are as excited as we are.
    We look forward to seeing you!

    Greetz The whole RottenHive team.

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    Standard AW: RottenHive MG

    RottenHive Rust Server Changelog 0.3

    Server Update

    • Adjusted the Server Tickrate.
    • Adjusted the Server Description.

    Plugin Updates

    • Added Plugin Small Shelves.
    • Added Plugin Flippable Turrets.
    • Added Plugin PlayerRankings.
    • Added Plugin Recycle.
    • Added Plugin WheresMyCorpse.
    • Added Plugin JPipes.
    • Added Car in GUIShop.
    • Added Plugin Quick Sort.
    • Added Plugin Night Lantern.
    • Added Plugin Backpack.
    • Added Plugin Mini Map.
    • Added Plugin DangerousTreasures.
    • Added Quarry Mines to Loot Tables.
    • Added Plugin for Player Join Messages.
    • Added Plugin for Show Player List on Server.
    • Added Survey Charges in the In-Game Shop.
    • Changed Plugin SharedDoors with LockSync.
    • Removed Plugin LustyMap.
    • Removed Plugin Quarry Craft.

    Plugin Tweaks

    • Adjusted PlayerRankings System.
    • Adjusted Loot For Airdrop and Treasures.
    • Adjusted RemoverTool, no Costs and Refounds.
    • Adjusted BotSpawn for Murderers Spawn.
    • Adjusted Trade, less Coldown Times.
    • Adjusted Price for Car in Shop.
    • Adjusted Animals speed.
    • Adjusted Remover Tool, give some Resources back.
    • Adjusted Loot Tables, more Loot in Barrels/Crates.
    • Adjusted Stack Size for over 60 Items.
    • Adjusted Bots on Monuments, spawns now with various Gear.
    • Adjusted the Stack Size for all items.

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    Standard AW: RottenHive MG


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    Standard AW: RottenHive MG

    Looks nice, friendly guys (Chat), and get help when i have questions about the game.

    Schaut nice aus, freundliche Spieler (Im Chat) und bekomme auch nette antworten wenn ich fragen zum Spiel habe. gefällt mir

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    Standard AW: RottenHive MG

    Plugin List and Map Link in Main Post is updated also added Server Wipe Infos.
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    Standard AW: RottenHive MG


    A lot of Changes on Server and Plugins.
    Changelog will follow soon!


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