Zitat Zitat von GMod.com

ds3 has created an addon called RagMod, which is similar to BailOut (and this is even based off of code from that) because it ragdolls the player, but is designed to ragdoll the player for longer periods of time, and on demand.

To use it, you must bind the commands "rm_ragdolize" and "rm_reset" to keys. Assuming you don't already have anything bound to "T" or "Y", here's commands you can put in your console to get it working:
bind t rm_ragdolize
bind y rm_reset

This mod also goes well with the Spider-Jump from Spidermod because it can send your ragdoll flying a great distance. Just don't activate your ragdoll mode when hanging from a web, or you'll get a graphical glitch where the rope stays attached to your viewmodel (seen in this picture.)


For mor einformation, including extra console commands for configuring this mod, and support, check out the forum thread.[...]